OS X mailman admin tips

mailman can be adminned via its GUI …. if you are a wimp. 😉
mail man comes with fun scripts located here.. /usr/share/mailman/bin (on the lincoln webserver)

learn more about the scripts here http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/site.html

fun scripts of note:

  • list_lists
  • list_members
  • config_lists

config_lists example:

/usr/share/mailman/bin/config_list -i ~/Desktop/defaultMailMan.config broadexperience

super hardcore (only with adult supervision):

(note this is a one-liner, the linebreaks are just so it fits on the webpage)

cat /private/var/root/Desktop/lists.txt | while read listname ; do
echo "####" $listname "####" ;
/usr/share/mailman/bin/add_members -r ~/Desktop/listmonitor.txt $listname ; done

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