How To Exchange Wii Console Numbers

wii-number-walkthrough-0004-img-1948jpg.jpgSend your Console Number to a friend. This is a picture walkthrough of how to exchange Wii numbers with a friend.

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To send your console number via email:

wii-number-walkthrough-0000-img-1944jpg.jpg Enter the Message Center

wii-number-walkthrough-0001-img-1945jpg.jpg Click on Create Message

wii-number-walkthrough-0002-img-1946jpg.jpg Click on Address Book

wii-number-walkthrough-0003-img-1947jpg.jpg Click on Register

wii-number-walkthrough-0004-img-1948jpg.jpg Select others (this is for emailing other PC’s. This is a quick way to send your Wii number.

wii-number-walkthrough-0005-img-1949jpg.jpg Enter the Email address fo your friend

wii-number-walkthrough-0006-img-1950jpg.jpg Click OK

wii-number-walkthrough-0007-img-1951jpg.jpg Enter a Nickname for this friends email

wii-number-walkthrough-0008-img-1952jpg.jpg Attach a Mii if you like

wii-number-walkthrough-0009-img-1953jpg.jpg Click OK
wii-number-walkthrough-0010-img-1954jpg.jpg You will get confirmation. Your friend will need to receive the email, and click the link to verify that he would like to receive emails from your wii.

wii-email.jpg Also in the registration email your friend will see your Wii number as part of the email address.

Add your Friends Number:


Get your Friend’s Wii number using the aboe technique, or via email/phone/sneakernet


wii-number-walkthrough-0011-img-1955jpg.jpg In the Addressbook, click Register 


wii-number-walkthrough-0012-img-1956jpg.jpg Click to register another Wii


wii-number-walkthrough-0013-img-1957jpg.jpg Enter in the your friends Wii number


wii-number-walkthrough-0014-img-1959jpg.jpg Type in the number and click OK.

You and your friend will both have to complete the above process before you will be able to communicate via your Wii’s. Once you have both goin throught this process you will be able to do fun things like send messages and share Mii’s.  Enjoy.

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