Gaming setup

Just wanted to make note of my setup. it is not an amazing rig or anything, but it is not bad considering my “budget”. Click more for a breakdown of the gear:

ere is my setup. I am very lucky to have some space in the basement for a playroom/tv room. We are in a townhouse w/ concrete floors so I get some pretty good isolation down here when playing w/ the kiddos, or blasting zombies. I have a ragtag collection of gear setup here. much of it acquired for free or on the cheep. Parent gamers gotta take what they can get, right?

A) Panasonic 36″ Tau TV (for Wii and AT&T U-Verse)

B) Sony 5.1 tuner, Sony 100 Disc DVD changer (not hooked up)

C) Wii, PS3, Uverse, Sony VCR (not connected)

D) Speakers…
-Mains are *Polk RTA12’s
-Center is a Boston Acoustic
-Rears are Cerwin Vega bookshelf speakers
-(There is also a sub. However, it has it’s volume set to low it may be off)

*The Polks are interesting, I got them, along w/ the sub via the freecycle group in my area (yes, for free!). They have dual 5″ midrange drivers and a 12″ passive. The tweeter is mounted on top of the speaker cabinet. I took the grills off the one to show the configuration.

E) Dell 19 inch PC monitor (for PS3), USB Headset for PS3

F) Disney princess tea set

** Normally, the Dell 19″ screen is tucked away along with all the cables. Also, there is a waist high kiddie gate across the front of the room (spanning speaker to speaker) to keep little fingers at bay.

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