Chi Flatiron Repair – Fix it Yourself – User Photos

My previous page seems to have generated quite a buzz with folks looking to repair their Chi Flat Iron. If you have not seen my original take-apart and repair guide, look here.

Here are some reader submitted photos of their Chi work.

Photo by: climber67
Photo by: climber67
Photo by: climber67
Photo by: climber67
Photo by: climber67
Photo by: climber67
Photo by: climber67
Photo by: climber67
Photo by: climber67
Photo by: climber67

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  1. do you have an idea of how to replace and where I can buy a power cord for the tru ceramic pro hair flatiron?
    Thank You.

  2. my wifes chi flatiron wontt heat up
    any trouble shooting i can do to narrow
    down the problem.(power supple switch or power cord)
    be greatly appricated

    thank you

  3. If the flatiron is not heating up. I reccomend checking that the power supply doesnt have a flaw in it. If its fine, the problem is more than likely in the thermo fuse which is located under the ceramic panel(wrapped in orange tape). These arent super expenive to fix but they do save you alot of money in the end. On the termo fuse it will have a number code on it (example:sf240e) this needs to be the same code on the new one. Try this, hopefully this helps 🙂

  4. Hi there!

    When I plugged in my Chi, there was an electrical buzzing sound so I unplugged it immediately. After unplugging the device, I could smell something had burned (maybe?) inside the plug box. Has anyone had this happen to them?? Any help with this issue is much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

  5. My wife’s flat iron is still working, but it’s ceramic plates are loose. It seems that the metal notch that holds the plate to the housing has worn out. I consider myself handy and able to diassemble and assemble this things. With the right tools and a little forward thinking, one can work this appliance. The first time I opened this was when my wife complained about loosing power, sure enough the wires that’s attached to the heating plates had came off, she must have dropped it a number of times. It just took a few minutes and some soldering, reassembled and done. 5 months later the ceramic plate came loose. One solution is to replace the housing (one of the leg) and that will require searching for parts. Anyone here interested on parting with their NONE WORKING CHI, please let me know. The other solution is to permanently mount the plate into the housing using small self tapping screws. But I’ll hold off on this for a week or two. Otherwise, I’ll be disassembling this appliance and open it up for sale as spare parts.

  6. @Sophia – your board must have been fried. If so, it may require replacement of the electronic board.
    @Carmen – if my plan to fix my wife’s issues with this appliance does not work, I’ll be happy to sell the power cord piece to you.

  7. Ian, you need a multi meter or an ohm meter. once you take apart the flatiron to the point where you can see where the red wires go, you’ll need to slide the black piece off the element and you’ll find the “sf240E” fuse. Put either wire on one side of the fuse(it doesn’t matter which side) then the other on the other side. if it reads INF(infinity) or doesn’t come up with a number, or beep, then the fuse is blown and you’ll need to replace it to get it to work again.

  8. The problem with mine is that when I rotate the cord, the power goes off. It seems to be something in the connection where the cord is connected to the power cord and not the power cord itself. Any ideas on what I should look for? Thanks much

  9. thanks a ton, took apart my chi, found that the connection wasn’t secure, now, its working fine!! 🙂 you rock!

  10. Anyone know what type of capacitors the Chi Iron uses? My gf went to china and plugged in her Chi. Totally fried the capacitor and I cannot read the rating on it but would like to try replacing it…


  11. Thank you so much for this website!
    Unfortunately I am stuck at the beginning; I have taken off the “CHI” caps, but the screws underneath rotate together as if one piece. Therefore there is no way to unscrew it to even get inside. Any advice? I’ve searched the comments and see that there was one other person with the same issue, but I didn’t see a solution.
    I’ve even tried a drill on one side while trying to hold the Phillips head firm on the other. Almost took my hand off! Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Can’t afford another one and I love the one I have.

  12. Chi not heating up. I have completely disassembled it and checked all the connection. Everything seems to be OK. The only thing suspect is the power cord with the Ground Fault Interrupter. The Test and Reset buttons don’t work. What would be the way to fix this?

  13. I cannot seem to find where to buy the CHI replacement power cord online. Can anyone help me? Thanks! jill

  14. Search ebay for “chi flat iron parts.” If you need ceramic plates, buy an iron with plates intact. If you need a new power cord, read in the description to make sure the cord is working. Other than ebay, you are not able to buy chi parts online.

  15. I figured the plug with the reset button is just a gfi.we bought another brand that had a plain plug, and we have a gfi on our bathroom outlet anyway. I replaced the plug/gfi with a plain plug on the Chi. That wasn’t the problem, but I think the plain plug will be fine,especially since I can’t find a direct replacement. Now I’m looking for help getting the whole thing apart. Any comments on the plug?

  16. My husband used your guide and brought TWO of our Chi’s back to life saving us $200. You’re a miracle worker! Thank you!

  17. Any ideas on how to fix the on/off switch? Mine just broke. Please help!!! Thanks for any help.

  18. My on/off switch doesnt work ? Can anyone help on this issue ? These iron’s are exspensive, absolutely hate having to buy a new one…

  19. Hi! I’m needing a referral for someone that can fix my CHI. I took it to EU and I guess the converter didn’t like the CHI;0

  20. The off/on switch broke off on my chi and a little metal ball and spring fell out with it. What can I do to fix this?

  21. Trying to locate a power switch for my 1″ chi flat iron where could one obtain this?

  22. Took my chi to Europe and despite having a converter that was supposed to step down the power from 220 to 110, my straightener fried. Doesn’t turn on at all despite resetting the GFCI in the plug. Not sure if the issue is in the plug part or the thermal fuse in the body of the straightener. Thoughts?

  23. Also looking for the power cord and have not be able to locate one. I’ve seen them on Alibaba but, there is a minimum order and I don’t need a 1000 of them 🙂

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