3 thoughts on “The Fisher TX-100 solid state amp”

  1. You requested comments earlier. I owned this model in 1967–a hybrid tube and IC amplifier. It is capable of producing a “warm” sound which is not everyones cup of tea. Simultaneously, the sound lacks a significant element of clarity. Fisher speakers, bookshelf or free standing, of this era often produced, at best, a “tubby” sound. If your listening experience includes headphones, there is no option to turn off the speakers. New, the face plate, knobs and switching are a work of art and the original walnut cabinet can exude a deep wood glow when well oiled. Unfortunately, the thin plating on the face plate wears easily, exposing more reactive metal and the usual marring from finger touches. The original transformer produced an excessive amount of heat, often resulting in system failure. A ventilating fan, particularly if this is used at higher volume levels, is recommended.

    All in all, I would recommend not only keeping but carefully restoring the amplifier and mating it with the vintage FM (only) tuner. Typical of this era was to purchase an accompanying Dual 1012 or 1019. Vintage JBL 10″ woofer or Sansui 12″ speakers would bring out the best quality of this sound.

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