Quadcopter FPV Flight Number 4

FPV Selfie
FPV Selfie

Had an awesome calm and dry window between storms last night. So I flew my 4th ever FPV quadcopter flight sitting on the edge of my trunk to stay out of the light rain that was falling. It was my first time trying to move quickly while flying First Person View and I had an awesome time weaving around near the trees. The lag from my Mobius Actioncam was evident as maintaining a hover at low altitude was pretty tricky via the goggles. I had some good runs though, and a couple of near-misses with the trees.

Unfortunately, I came in too hot for my landing at the end of my first battery and snapped one of the motor mounts on my quad. Luckily I have spare mounts, but unlucky I was missing the proper tools to make the repair at the field. (Its fixed now, yay.)

Broken Motor Mount

Here’s a clip from the flight. It’s not until about 2 min into the video that I found my ‘legs’ and began moving smoothly.

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