Inside the Bel Canto S300i integrated amp

just recently picked up the excellent bel canto integrated amplifier. it’s driven by dual mono Icepower modules.

I have been a fan of Icepower since picking up my Ghent Icepower amp about a year ago.

I wanted to take some photos inside of the Bel Canto amp, and also a couple to compare it to my Ghent.



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inside the Belkin 12 volt battery backup

I’ve been giving some thought on using this as a 12 volt battery power supply for my Lapai T-amp. I gave it a try it yesterday. And it sounded pretty good.

the original owner of my musical fidelity V-LPS wisely set up the Belkin as a battery power supply for the phono stage.


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Beginners Head-fi

Here are my first “high end” in-ear monitors. These Shure SE535 IEMs came my way from a fellow Audiokarma member. They are in great shape according to the original owner because they had recently been given to him as a replacement for an earlier model (maybe the SE530?). Being in chicago and only a few miles from Shure’s Chicago headquarters has it’s advantages. As the story goes, he walked into Shure after a