Chi Flatiron Repair – Fix it Yourself – User Photos

My previous page seems to have generated quite a buzz with folks looking to repair their Chi Flat Iron. If you have not seen my original take-apart and repair guide, look here.

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Replacing The Fuse in a Panasonic TAU TV

Sure, this is a standard definition TV, and sure it is a CRT, but I love this TV. It has served us well for around 7 years and I still enjoy watching it. I take good care of the tv, use good cables, and keep it pluged into a power conditioner. However, yesterday when i turned it on to attempt to watch a little True Blood, the tv did not respond at all. I pressed the power button and saw no lights, no buzz, no hum. I checked all the power connections and power strips  that i could but no matter what i tried, the TV was dead.

After some googling i learned that this is a fairly common issue for this TV. I also learned that the problem may be resolved by simply replacing a fuse in the power supply. I was very happy to learn that I had a shot at resurrecting the TV without having to lift the monster to move it, and without having to take the main shell off of it.

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Attempting to repair a Chi Flatiron

The Chi Flat Iron is an expensive device. When my Wife’s Chi broke, a little web research showed that problems with the power cord seem like a pretty consistent complaint. However, i could not find any good tutorials on how to fix the cord problem.. or even how to take the Chi apart. In the end, my problem was not related to the cord. I took photos as I dissembled the Chi in the hopes that some other poor husband who takes this on can have an inside look at the Chi before deciding to ‘dig in’

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End junk mail

Hello good people,
I’ve decided to dedicate my first post to planet earth (and mailboxes full of crap nation wide).

I would like to invite you all to join a very important campaign that ForestEthics are promoting. Basically, eliminating non-voluntary marketing via mail, aka junk mail.

run little guy, run!

You can sign the petition here and hopefully with enough signatures, a bill will be passed banning junk mail. As a bonus, you can also use ForestEthich’s tool to generate a PDF that you can print and mail to marketing firms asking to be removed from their lists. Let’s face it, even if you would use any of those 1000 random coupons you’re getting, it’s easier to look for them on-line before you purchase something.

Enjoy your empty mailbox!


p.s – Unfortunately, bills will still arrive 🙂