My M0n0wall setup

My M0n0wall

My M0n0wall is running on a Dell Optiplex GX100. the PC is a medium-small form factor. It is only running one small fan on the powersupply. The P III processor is passively cooled.

One fun thing I did was wire the LAN NIC LED to make the hard drive indicator light flicker on the front of the box. I am using a CF card and no hard drive so now when there is traffic on the M0n0wall, the “HD led” blinks to indicate that there is traffic.



  • Dell GX100
  • 500MHz Celeron (passively cooled)
  • 32MB Compact Flash Card
  • 196 MB ram
  • 135 watt PowerSupply
  • 1 onboard NIC
  • 1 Netgear FA311 (?)

Live Network Usage Graph from MRTG:

To see more stats, see my MRTG output page