Replacing The Fuse in a Panasonic TAU TV

Sure, this is a standard definition TV, and sure it is a CRT, but I love this TV. It has served us well for around 7 years and I still enjoy watching it. I take good care of the tv, use good cables, and keep it pluged into a power conditioner. However, yesterday when i turned it on to attempt to watch a little True Blood, the tv did not respond at all. I pressed the power button and saw no lights, no buzz, no hum. I checked all the power connections and power strips  that i could but no matter what i tried, the TV was dead.

After some googling i learned that this is a fairly common issue for this TV. I also learned that the problem may be resolved by simply replacing a fuse in the power supply. I was very happy to learn that I had a shot at resurrecting the TV without having to lift the monster to move it, and without having to take the main shell off of it.

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